Black Ice Consulting is a recognized leader in providing high quality personnel to private security and logistics support companies, private military and security companies (PMC/PSC) and defense and intelligence support industries. Black Ice maintains a dynamic free subscription group of thousands of professional security operators and logistics personnel who monitor job postings worldwide. Hundreds of these personnel are available in-between contracts, others are nearing the end of a contract and interested in future work still others are looking for their first overseas work. Many or our members are employed and are looking to stay abreast of job trends and assist others with job tip-offs. Whatever the case, Black Ice maintains a powerful and growing capability to support your staffing needs in real time and time constrained situations that help our customers win and maintain contracts.

What makes Black Ice different?

Many staffing firms develop a database approach with thousands of resumes and provide a hands on but very expensive staffing approach which is time consuming and costly. These firms and their client suffer from a time lag and stale information and resumes. Often personnel are already under contract or have changed their contact information. Our approach is to maintain a dynamic group of professionals that pay attention to their email - if a person is looking for work they will be very tuned in and quick to respond.

What we can do for you:

Black Ice sends out notifications and job descriptions to our members which are then replied to by the prospective employee or contractor directly to the client - giving the employer a fast and direct response to their posting. In most cases replies will begin rolling in immediately within minutes from around the world. Customers have reported incredible results often receiving over 150 resumes in a few days. Of course we cannot guarantee this kind of response and certain jobs are more likely to produce these kinds of results but we have a high number of satisfied repeat customers. The client in this case is screening and not a recruiter - this is good and bad, it is less expensive in terms of recruiting costs but does take staff time. Developing an efficient internal process for racking and stacking resumes and boiling them down to the desired candidates is the key to this method.

Our services are client focused and are tailored to client needs. Most clients select the "Direct Response” method described above and in the next paragraph which is a simple, inexpensive and quick process. In some cases a client needs more support and requests Black Ice to assist in pre-screening candidates or may request that Black Ice facilitate the responses so that the company itself may remain private - for example during a contract bid period these procedures are described in subsequent paragraphs.

Direct Response to client:

When time and cost is an issue the most direct method is for the hiring agent/company to receive the résumé's directly either through E-mail or fax. This is the simplest and quickest method for the client company to engage Black Ice staffing services. The company sends a job posting with contact information to Black Ice. A message posting fee of US$500 is charged and the message is reviewed and sent out. NOTE: It is recommended that only an email or fax number be presented on the job posting otherwise the telephone and voicemail is often severely impacted. Responses to this type of message are generally fast and come direct to the client.

With selected job postings, the volume of the response may cause the client company to consider additional Black Ice assistance with prescreening thus we offer other options:

Black Ice managed response:

With this option, Black Ice Consulting will provide an initial screening process which will include a review of the resume, and may include basic background verification before passing candidates on to the client for further evaluation and selection. In this option responses and resumes are sent to Black Ice first for screening and only the candidates that pass the initial screening are forwarded to the client.

Black Ice provides a "cut out”. In some situations often involving a contract bid process or for purposes of OPSEC a company may want Black Ice to put out a message without revealing the client company. Once the resumes are received, they are forwarded to the client (with or without Black Ice pre-screening). The client will then selectively contact the candidates and may engage them with Non-Disclosure agreements and so forth.

The cost of this support is determined at the time of the request and agreed upon by the client and Black Ice.

Black Ice Selection process:

Black Ice Consulting can take a request for a position full circle by providing the request, screening the applicants, and conducting the interviews for finale review providing the client with a short list of two or three highly qualified applicants for final selection. Black Ice Consulting utilizes its investigative knowledge and extensive experience to ensure that the client receives the highest quality applicants that meet their detailed requirements.

Black Ice Management assets:

Black Ice Consulting will provide highly qualified contractors for temporary and long term assignments for your project, as team members, for positions of leadership and management, or for training and security assignments.

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